2010 Deer Season Wrap-Up

Written by bhcmember on April 14th, 2011

The season went extremely well this year.  Harvey Creek Archery filmed several hunts on our ranch for use by the Northwest Hunting Addicts on their TV show, with two large bucks were caught on tape.  One mature buck was missed during archery season, and the other one on tape never came within bow range.  Kelly himself did manage to kill a nice 120-class buck during the late archery season.  What made the season so successful in our eyes was the abundance of large, mature bucks.  While we only managed to harvest one buck this year, it was not because of a lack of animals, but a lack of hunters!  The same deer we saw this year will be back again next year, bigger, healthier and ready to harvest!

Kelly’s 2010 buck harvested on his side of the ridge.

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