Food plots

Food plots provide our hunting guests with trophy-quality animals by ensuring our wildlife has high protein and palatable forage year-round. Click for more details on each of BHCR’s plots as well as the season’s planting lineup!


BHCR has recently completed the planting of its first fruit orchard with over 50 trees consisting of pear (two varieties), apple (five varieties), peach, plum (two varieties), cherry and appricot.

Barn site

Started in 2008, and complete in 2010, our ranch’s 50′ x 60′ barn provides ample storage space for our forestry and wildlife management equipment. As an exciting addition, a large loft area has been built into the barn to serve as guest housing. Once completed, the new loft cabin will sport an outdoor lounging deck, skylights, breathtaking views and be powered by our renewable energy system. Click for more details!


Currently we have one cabin, but it is fully developed–complete with sustainable power, comfortable bedding, running water, two decks, a full grass lawn and forested lounging area right by two year-long creeks.


Culverts failed to handle the spring melting, so we’re currently building a number of bridges around the canyon to help us get from A to B quickly.