Food plots

Current Food Plots in Production

Big Meadow Plot

The first food plot established on the ranch.  Just a little over 1 1/3 acres in size, this plot is characterized by it’s clay-rich soil, and higher, south facing location.  This makes it dry out faster than the other plots in the valley, and limits the plant varieties we can plant there.

Creek Bend Plot

The newest large plot finished spring 2010.  At Just over 1 1/3 acres in size, this plot meanders next to the creek and with some beautiful timber surrounding it.  There are large cottonwoods and birch trees that were left throughout to provide cover, food for grouse and some great stand sites!  We expect this plot to really bring in the big bucks this 2010 season.

Lessig Plot

Our largest plot at slightly more than 4 acres.  This extremely wet bottom land is on the western border of the ranch, and it mainly used as a nutritional plot due to its exposed northern edges, and neighbors to the west.  The Lessig Plot has seen many nice turkeys this spring 2010 season however, and in 2009 was home to several large scrapes and rubs.  The name was recently changed to the “Double D Plot”, but you”ll have to hunt with Harvey Creek Archery and ask Kelly why!

Corral Plot

This 1/3 acre hunting plot get heavy deer and bear pressure being the northern most plot in the main Black Horse Canyon valley.  The ranch’s first mineral lick was established here in 2006, and continues to draw a wide variety of wildlife from elk and bear, to moose, deer and turkeys.

Number One Plot

1/3 acres plot named for the wood #1 carved out of an old tree stump, this sloping plot has proven to be very productive with a wide range of forages.  Situated along the main creek, there is also a year-round spring that feeds a small creek running right through the middle of the plot.  This continuous moisture allows for some very water-hungry forage varieties to be planted, and creates a very lush area for wildlife.  An aspen grove was just planted on the upper slope for cover, and should improve on an already attractive plot.

Slash Plot

1/5 acres hunting plot just established spring 2010.  This old log landing has willows surrounding it and lots of old slash piles on the periphery that provide great cover for small game.  The soil has a reddish color to it from the clay content, and should prove to be very attractive due to its location on the East side of the creek.

Campsite Plot

1/5 acre plot established spring 2010 on the productive Western Slope of the ranch.  The plot is right in the middle of some of the best deer and turkey activity on the ranch, and should really draw them in this season.

Hidden Valley Plot

1/4 acre plot planted for the first time spring 2010.  Our ranch’s most secluded plot, it is situated near our Northeastern boundary in a very clearing surrounded by steep canyon walls and some tall, mature timber.  Bears feed on the thimble berry patches that surround the plot, and it is right in the middle of a major travel corridor for deer as they work from the state land to the north down towards the Lessig Plot.