Newly constructed bridge, finished in mid 2009, picture is from 2010.

When our family first purchased the ranch, there were numerous culverts placed in the creeks for crossing, and one old wood bridge that was partially finished.  We finished the wood bridge in 2007, and pulled out several culverts that were fish barriers as well.

Engineered to support over 100,000 lbs; enough to allow any logging vehicle or concrete trucks to cross.

There was one culvert in particular that caused a lot of heartache.  Beavers moved into our creek valley in 2008, and immediately began plugging all the culverts in the creek.  This caused them to washout during the spring melt, and left us without a crossing.  We applied for the Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP), but because our creek system does not have any protected salmonid species, funding would have been highly unlikely.  So, with the aid of Wilcon Construction company, we engineered and installed our own 40′ steel and concrete bridge to permanently solve our culvert issues.

Here is the sturdy old wood bridge in 2010.

Small walking bridge installed at a trail head near the cabin.

This log bridge was started in 2009 to line the Creek Bend plot to the Green Way that provides access to the Number One plot.

The decking was installed in the Spring of 2010.